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Taking a closer look at your pet.

There are some health issues that can only be diagnosed with the right equipment. Ironhorse Veterinary Care offers a standard level of care that includes the best possible diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to immediately show radiographs and cytology slides in the exam room.

We will start with a physical examination. When more information is required or a quick diagnosis is essential, the skilled doctors at Ironhorse Veterinary Care have the ability to perform a wide variety of diagnostic procedures.

  • In-house blood work for fast and accurate results, detailing the health of your pet’s internal organ functions.
  • Off-site lab work for more in-depth panels.
  • Microscopes with cameras to share what we are seeing with you.
  • Tonometry for non-invasive eye pressure readings.
  • Digital radiography for instantaneous high-definition images, detailing the health of your pet’s tissues, organs, bones and vessels.
  • Blood pressure readings to diagnose hypertension.

If sedation is required for patient comfort or to enhance the accuracy of the test results, Ironhorse Veterinary Care adheres to a strict safety protocol. We are here to help your pet in the most comforting and effective way possible.

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